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Our success and 

innovation speaks for itself

Product Creations

If you are looking something unique for your customers, Temptation Bakeries is your
winning partner. With decades of experience in making pastry, catering foods,
cakes, slices & more we are your one stop shop.


Our success speaks for itself with more than 1000 new products developed and accepted by airlines, major supermarkets and wholesale customers since 1993. You can be confident that our products will exceed your expectations.

Sweet treats


Our successful sweet products have included Madeleines, Friands, Portuguese Tarts, Lemon Tarts, Muffins and Iced Cupcakes.

Savoury Creations

Our savoury products have ranged from classic Pies in rich puff pastry and delicious Quiche to contemporary products such as Calzones, Frittatas and Polenta Slices.

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